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Customized, Cost-Effective And

Comprehensive Accounting Services

Accountswhiz India Pvt. Ltd is a full-service accountancy firm with related services offerings that cater to the needs of small and mid-sized companies. We understand that a company’s bottom line is critical to its financial health and hence offer short-term and long-term accounting solutions. We also understand that each brand has different needs and so our solutions are customized to be client-focused.

Our bouquet of services includes:

Account and Book Keeping

We offer assistance with maintaining your accounts. When you outsource your accounts to Accountswhiz India Pvt. Ltd, you are assured of a system that stays consistent irrespective of the accountant. We are conversant with multiple accounting software to fulfill our clients’ requirements.

Payroll Management

Payroll accounting and management have a tangible and intangible effect on your business. Our experts ensure that your payroll is compliant with employment regulations. They can also advise you on how to draft employment contracts. We offer help with

Corporate Secretarial

Our corporate secretaries understand every detail of company business law and securities. They are unbiased in their thinking and can identify events that can have a lasting impact on the company’s future. With their creative thinking, excellent communication skills and flexible outlook, they can guide and assist CEOs and directors no matter how tense or high pressured they may be. Our corporate secretarial service includes

Compliance Management

Our compliance management team looks into regulatory compliance of state and central laws. Our professionals understand the complexity of filing requirements. They are equipped to help small to medium businesses in being compliant. Our services inter alia include

Document Processing

Companies rely on documents to streamline their processes and financial books. Our experts help source, manage and process these documents to reduce the risk of human error and improve accounting accuracy. Our document processing services include

Due Diligence Services

When it comes to startups seeking funding, investors need varied types of data. The list is long and collating it takes time away from other tasks. Our experts understand what investors are looking for. We diligently address each point and can help you collect and organize data to make your startup investment ready. Our due diligence services can also be helpful in the event of a merger, strategic partnership or acquisition.
That’s not all, we offer a range of other customized services as well depending on your brand’s needs.

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