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Because Compliance - Matters Matter

Compliances play a crucial role in determining how a company functions. Whether you are running a start-up or an established multi-national, all companies must adhere to Functional, Financial and Labor regulations as well as statutory compliances laid down by the law of land Failure to do so can make your company liable to pay heavy financial penalties.

The good news is that when you partner with us, you don’t have to worry about any of this. Our Team have an in-depth understanding of Industry specific statutory compliances. Our compliance services can be broadly categorized as one-time compliances and regular compliances. The latter can be further split into Payroll Compliances, Corporate Secretarial Compliances, Labour Compliances and Financial Compliances.


One-Time Compliance

One-time compliance refers to activities that a company must undertake when it is being established. Our One-time compliance services include:

Payroll Compliances

Accountswhiz India Pvt Ltd ensures that your payroll complies with all the statutory compliances relevant to your organization easily and efficiently. Our services include:

Corporate Secretarial Compliance

With an in depth understanding of the secretarial compliance issues we provide tailored services to help companies stay abreast of their legal filing requirements. Our services include:

Labour Compliance

Every company must adhere to certain terms and conditions regarding their labour force. To ensure compliance with these conditions we offer labour compliance services such as:

Accounting Compliances

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