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Our Vision

To be known as a firm that provides diverse financial services exemplifying the highest standards in the industry.

Our Mission

To maintain meaningful relationships with clients as we provide cost-effective, competitive and efficient financial solutions that include accounting, tax planning, auditing and business advisory services.

Paying taxes, performing accounting tasks, ensuring statutory compliances, filing returns put forward by government authorities and so on, the very thought of working with these numbers can be nerve-wracking for business owners. Worry not. You have found the right partner in Accountswhiz India Pvt Ltd. We are a full-service accountancy firm with its headquarters in Bengaluru. For decades, our name has been synonymous with accurate accounting, compliance and timely corporate Secretarial work.


We strive to provide reliable accounting and related services to small and mid-sized companies. Over the years, we have served companies across a cross-section of industries. Our client roster includes entrepreneurs, trusts, firms, corporates and a number of multinationals. No matter what the size of a company may be, all our clients are equally important to us. We consider our long-standing relationships with our clients to be amongst our biggest successes.

From Accounting To Regulatory Compliance And Everything In Between

Accountswhiz India Pvt Ltd offers a full bouquet of professional advisory and executionary services. Our services include payroll management, bookkeeping, tax compliance, regulatory compliance of state and central laws, audits co-ordination, document processing, and a range of other customized services.

We partner with businesses not just to keep their books in order but also to help each venture grow. We are constantly on the lookout for new opportunities that could prove beneficial to our clients. Backed by knowledge gained from years of experience, our team helps you put the financial and other documentation crucial to the firm’s growth in place helping you focus on your core operations. For all our customers, we offer hands-on support that can help them achieve their short term and long term goals.

How Do We Empower Your Business?

All our actions are driven by a core set of beliefs and values shared amongst all the members of our team. We strive to empower your organization by following the core values:

An Ethical Approach

We believe that nothing can be valued higher than integrity. We approach everything we do with fairness and a highly conscious attitude


We investigate every situation thoroughly from all angles to find understand the impact it may have on businesses. When it comes to making a company investment ready, we collate and organize data diligently making sure that you have everything you need. Similarly, we find the best way to minimize tax liabilities without defrauding the authorities in any way.


We adhere to national and international accounting standards in all our reports and findings, maintain confidentiality at all times and follow a professional code of conduct at all times.

Open Honest Communication

At all times, we maintain open lines of communication with our clients. We share information freely with our clients and provide advice and insight to help constructively manage challenging situations.

Harmonious Teamwork

The members of our team come together from different backgrounds but work harmoniously as a team. We build each other up and work towards bringing out the best in each other so that we can bring out the best in you.


We do not believe in cookie cutter solutions. While the facts cannot be altered, we adapt solutions to the client’s needs.

A Consistent Experience Yet Dynamic

We ensure that every member of every team follows the same processes so that customers get a consistent experience no matter who they speak to. Our work is also dynamic to meet the requirements of a hurried customer. We are dynamically consistent and consistently dynamic. We believe this is crucial towards building strong customer relationships.


By promoting transparency at all levels, we build relationships based on trust between us and our clients as well as between clients and their stakeholders.

Expertise And Experience

Between all the members of our team, we have over 50 years of experience backing our expertise. However, we continually strive to improve our services to maintain our status as the best in the business.

We believe that for growth to be sustainable, it must be socially inclusive. This is one of the reasons why we also work with Non-Profit organizations. Through our influence and approach to various situations, we are committed to helping your organization put the best financial practices in place.

Do you want to see your company achieve its full potential? Partner with us today.

Our Expert Team

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