Where Accounting Meets `Whizdom’

We specialize in numbers and take care of your financial books so that you can focus on your business. When we speak of accountancy, we don’t limit ourselves to balancing your books, we ensure right accounting practices are followed. Each month, we will help you:

Create your Profit & Loss Statement

You profit and loss statement can be defined as an itemized list of your payables and receivables. An accurate income statement helps you get an idea of your current and projected profits and losses. It helps you

  • Create invoices as per agreement and purchase orders
  • Track your expenses to help you budget your business
  • Identify areas where you can cut down expenses and trim your budget
  • Identify the small unexpected expenses that add up to large sums
  • Determine your tax liability
  • Track cost of production, sales,and returns

Update Your Balance Sheet

A glance through your balance sheet should ideally give you a snapshot of your firm’s financial health. This is an essential element for financial reporting with respect to investors, vendors,and banks. By updating your balance sheet we’ll help you

  • Assess your firm’s financial capability and strength
  • Identify and analyze accounting trends with respect to your receivables and payables
  • Determine the need to strengthen the reserves
  • Understand whether or not your company can afford to expand

Reconcile Your Bank Accounts

Reconciling your bank accounts regularly is crucial to keeping your finances up to date. Our services in this area help

  • Identify unjustified bank charges
  • Ensure that all your transactions are entered correctly
  • Detect unauthorized wire transfers, lost cheques, etc
  • Identify spurious transactions
  • Protect your company name from the responsibility of fraudulent transactions

Maintain books of Accounts

Every transaction that takes place in a company is recorded in one of many accounting ledgers. We realize that good narration to an entry is the base for good book keeping.

These books are the foundation of your company financial records. While anyone can enter a transaction, maintaining these ledgers  accurately and as per the Accounting Principles & Standards is the one which distinguishes a core accountant from the others.

Create MIS Reports

Along with managing your accounts, we also help your company management understand its financial position. For this, our experts create reports at regular intervals. This includes

  • Timely standard MIS reports
  • Customized reports to suit your business needs
  • Audit related reports

Our ultimate aim is for you to adhere to the best business practices and achieve financial freedom. If you would like more information, do get in touch with us.